Featured Image for January 2018

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Jerry Ingeman creates surrealist art works with a touch of pop.  He is a visual story teller, creating narrative works.  The stories are ambiguous and can be interpreted in countless directions, thus engaging the viewers as part of the process.  Ingeman creates surrealistic still lifes to tell his tales.  The alphabet he uses for his visual stories consists of old children’s toys, skulls, old kitchen utensils, bits of wood, dried weeds and seed heads, moss, feathers, etc.  Alternating from one medium to another (oil on canvas, graphite or charcoal on paper, woodblock prints, collage) he sticks with one medium for some time, then switches to another medium to explore what new dimensions that brings to the work.

Jerry has various questions he asks when creating new pieces.  He deals with questions of life and death, the environment, politics, innocence and the loss of innocence, love-hate-abuse, etc.  Such questions have continued in his work for many years.  There are no black and white answers in his works.  There are observations and ruminations.  Sometimes it may just be humor and silliness, but there could also be very dark, serious issues just below the surface.  Each piece requires thought to work out the implications, if there are any.